Beer and Winemaking Supplies

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Reno, NV 89503
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FAX (775) 329-8124
(800) 433-4971 (Orders Only)

We Specialize in Expert Advice and Quality, Free Instruction that only a Small Business can Provide

In addition to wine and beer supplies, we also offer a selection of import and specialty beers as well as cider, mead, and soda kits

Our Wide Range of Winemaking & Home Brew Supplies Includes:

  • Beginner and advanced recipe kits
  • Packaged brew kits including first batch of ingredients
  • Bottles (12 and 22 oz. plus fancy gift bottles) and other glassware
  • Specialty grains (American and
  • European specialty malts)
  • Brewer's Choice (Wyeast)
  • White Labs liquid yeast cultures
  • Malt extracts (dry and liquid - bulk available)
  • Hops (loose, plugs and pellets)
  • Wine kits as well as equipment for rent (crusher/stemmer, etc.)
  • Free advice
  • And much more...